Wix Vs Strikingly 2022 (Who Is The King Of One Page Website?) (2023)

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A business’s or a personal website is the direct reflection of your brand. And so getting the best-designed one will ensure you represent yourself in the best way possible.

Therefore, how do you make them? Well, it’s easy now that we have platforms at our disposal to get that work done in the shortest time.

They are readily available, and one duo we are looking into in this piece is a side-by-side comparison of Wix Vs Strikingly.

These two are a special pick out of the many website creator sites since they have an exceptional sophistication to create a one-page website.

But what exactly is a one-page website?

Let’s find out below…….

Table Of Contents

  • What makes a one-page website
  • What is Wix?
  • What is Strikingly?
  • Both Are One-page Wonders, But Who Has The Upper Hand?
  • Who Has The Advantage of Ease of Use?
  • Wix vs. Strikingly: Who has The More Striking Templates?
  • Unique Features Wix vs. Strikingly
  • Wix vs. Strikingly Cost
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Customer Support Wix vs. Strikingly
  • Who has better SEO ranking tools?
  • Who Should You Pick For a Small Business Website?
  • Who Should You Choose For an eCommerce Website?
  • Who Should You Pick For a Blogging Website?
  • Wix vs. Strikingly Conclusion

What makes a one-page website

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The linear structure

A one-page site is made of only one page, as the name suggests, and the structure all the info is laid out in a linear arrangement.

Everything about a brand is displayed on this one page, and the chronological order ushers the visitor section after section.

This linear arrangement ensures that the visitor gets all the needed info about the trademark.

An eye-catching call to action

A CTA on a one-page website is very conspicuous and straight to the point.

If you want to get new subscribers or people to follow your youtube page, that point must be brought out clearly in the call to action.

As you scroll down the page, the apparent function must be eye-catching and compelling.

A straightforward approach to your website’s existence

With a one-page web page, you cannot possibly afford to beat around the bush; you have to go straight to the point.

And you can achieve this by mixing imagery and text combined to make sure you retain your website visitor the longest.

If they get to the bottom, you will have won.

The descriptions must be spot on, and the captions on all your products and services must also be straightforward and easy to understand.

This is not the place to employ the challenging lexicon of standard terms.

Simple sells more.

Social proof markers

These include social media posts, testimonials, and even a brief FAQ section.

These are meant to show your audience a clear connection between your brand and the people at large.

It will make your trade more believable and builds your credibility more.

Contact info

Here you include your social media links so that a person can be redirected to your social media pages.

You must also insert all info about your physical location and address.

You should also add one more CTA where you urge them to follow your pages on all the platforms you have.

Now that you understand what a one-page website looks and feels like, and probably you have come across quite a few of them.

Now start comparing Wix Vs. Strikingly below.

Try Strikingly or Try Wix

What is Wix?

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Wix is a one-page website creator that has its roots in the Israeli part of the world.

They employ cloud-based technology to help creators from all over the globe create a site befitting royalty.

They have a very sophisticated arrangement that allows users to develop HTML5 web pages and mobile-friendly sites using their commendable drag-and-drop feature.

The company was founded in 2006 and is still in business for over a decade now, with over a million up-and-running websites designed and fashioned by Wix.

What is Strikingly?

On the other end of the Wix Vs. Strikingly battle Strikingly is also a one-page website builder developed by Chinese tech gurus.

Strikingly is a very straightforward site that allows newbies and pros alike to create unique and awe-inspiring sites.

They help users create mobile-optimized web pages that are viewable on all devices, including computers and mobile devices.

Strikingly has been operational since 2012 and has grown exponentially to the exceptional company it is today.

Both Are One-page Wonders, But Who Has The Upper Hand?

Wix Vs. Strikingly have quite an array of features that enable creators to develop and design their dream sites in just minutes.

And the matter of which has the upper hand will solely depend on the profession you are under since each has its targeted audience.

For instance, Wix is a powerful web page creator for people of all professions, panning from creatives like photographers, and poets to professionals like virtual store owners.

When it comes to Strikingly, they are more refined to provide exceptional tools for websites for small businesses, personal creators, and e-commerce enterprises.

So much so, for the issue of who has the upper hand in Wix Vs. Strikingly, Wix has the upper hand on the front that they have been in business the longest, precisely six years ahead of Strikingly.

And they also have on their database clients in millions when compared to Strikingly.

Who Has The Advantage of Ease of Use?

Wix Ease of use

Getting signed up on Wix is child’s play; you simply provide the platform with your email address.

After that, you get an email redirecting you to a dashboard personalized for you.

As a new user, this editors’ dashboard can be overwhelming at first, but you get used to it as you go ahead with the creation process.

The options available on the creating are so many, which can confuse you and make you anxious before finding which shoe fits best.

It gets easy because the Wix developers included an information guide feature that informs you what each tool is all about, and this gives you confidence, and you grasp the concepts just as first.

After a few minutes of studying, the dashboard will have you creating that without an issue.

Strikingly ease of use

Wix Vs Strikingly 2022 (Who Is The King Of One Page Website?) (5)
When it comes to Strikingly, signing up is just as routine as Wix’s method.

When you finally land on your personalized creators’ dashboard, you feel right at home.

Nothing is daunting or overwhelming as the arrangement is comfortable on the eyes.

There are no explanations needed; you just start using the tools to create your website.

Everything required is immaculately arranged on a left-hand menu on Strikingly’s creator’s platform.

Verdict on Wix Vs. Strikingly ease of use

From the explanations relied on in this section, Strikingly takes this one.

Its usage is unchallenging and hence very user-friendly to rookies and people with no prior knowledge of website creation.

Wix vs. Strikingly: Who has The More Striking Templates?

Wix templates

The template’s features on Wix are very sophisticated and categorized under different classes that make it easier for creators to find what they fancy.

These classifications are namely; photography, business, events, health and fitness, events, fashion, beauty, restaurants, and blogs, among several more.

They amount to five hundred-plus templates.

After selecting the category your cause is in, you are taken to a more fine-tuned selection of templates to decide on.

This is to ensure that even if you are of a particular niche, you have options.

Let’s say you opt for fashion and beauty, you get several kinds of possible templates, and you plump for the closest to your business.

Each template feature comes with sample text, which gives you an idea of what to put and where.

This can be very helpful if you are clueless about what goes where. If you want, you could use the template as is by simply substituting it with what you have.

Strikingly templates

When it comes to what Strikingly has, they have categorized only twenty-eight selections.

Of these twenty-eight, you get startups, businesses, blogs, online stores, and personal sites.

The great thing about these templates is that they can be transformed into a completely different web page from the original.

If you are a committed restaurant, you could switch a restaurant template into a health and fitness webpage with every aspect present.

The tools available enable you to do just that.

Verdict on Wix Vs. Strikingly templates

On the templates featured, Wix wins hands down.

They have more options for templates, so it is sporadic to find two business websites with the same format.

Strikingly will still produce a masterpiece but after many modifications.

Unique Features Wix vs. Strikingly

Wix features

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Wix has a very fantastic and well-stocked AppStore with many add-on features that can be used to create masterpiece web pages.

They are very assessable and usable after just a click.

All of these features are specialized to serve so many functions that may be befitting for your website.

Within this app store, you will find relevant add-on features related to image display, filters, scheduling tools, infographics, invoicing, video players, ordering features, and so many more.

Most of these add-ons are free while others are acquired at a fee and can be used on an open trial basis, and after that, you pay for them.

Regardless, they work wonders to make your site as beautiful and functional as it can be.

Strikingly features

Strikingly also has an app store, but it is not as advanced and vast as Wix’s.

They have all the basics from gallery features, social media integrations on the main dashboard, and many others like payment options, calenders, analytics, forms and surveys, and many more.

The add-on features are acquired on a click basis on Strikingly.

Some of these add-ons are complimentary, but a few have a price tag on them.

Others are included in Strikingly’s paid scheme.

Verdict on Wix Vs. Strikingly features

Wix’s features also win this section because of their extensive app store that propounds the creators with more options when searching for components to add to their sites.

What strikingly has on its platform when compared to Wix, is the bare minimum.

Wix vs. Strikingly Cost

Wix pricing

Wix has a free plan that you can use for as long as you wish, but if you want to enjoy the benefits of a paid version, you are at liberty to select one of the four plans they offer.

The four are the basic, personal, start-up, and the eCommerce plan.

The most basic is also referred to as the Connect Domain, which has a price tag of five dollars per month.

For this plan, you get to enjoy disk space bandwidth worth one gigabyte, storage of 500GB, and can enjoy a free trial. You also get the freedom to connect your domain to the site.

The second is the Personal also Combo is billed at ten dollars a month.

You get 2GB bandwidth disk space, 3GB storage, and a free domain, or connect yours and remove all the ads on the platform.

The start-up package is Unlimited specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers that pay a fee of fourteen dollars per month.

For this amount, one gets unlimited bandwidth space, 10GB of storing space, and all other benefits on the previous plans.

There is also an added incentive of a three hundred dollars Wix ad voucher, an 80-dollar booster app, and a 48-dollar form builder app.

Then there is the e-commerce package that is billed at 17 dollars per month. One gets 20 GB worth of bandwidth and storage space, and everything the start-up package has.

The added value is that you can design an online store seamlessly.

Lastly, for 25 dollars per month, the VIP package comes with everything the e-commerce gets with unlimited bandwidth capability.

There is a supplemental benefit of being the first to be attended to if you have any issue, you receive VIP support, and your site is professionally reviewed.

Strikingly pricing

Wix Vs Strikingly 2022 (Who Is The King Of One Page Website?) (7)
Stringinlgy has three plans; the free, Limited, and the Pro versions.

The free has a five GB bandwidth capability, a domain, a simple store building with one product, and an around clock support.

The Limited version is billed at 8 dollars per month and comes with a custom-made domain, making of 2 sites, a fifty GB monthly bandwidth, a simple virtual store with five products display and support around the clock.

Lastly, the Pro version is billed at 16 dollars per month and comes with the capacity to create your customized domain; you can create three pro sites, unlimited bandwidth, a simple store with 300 products, access to the app store, an invitation of collaborators, and access to the support team.

Verdict on Wix Vs. Strikingly pricing

Each has a very reasonable price list, and the features offered under each plan make sense, so it all boils down to how much you are willing to spend on a website builder.

Domain and Hosting


Hosting is available on Wix’s servers, but your domain’s URL’s sophistication will depend on the package you decide to go with.

The good thing is that even with the basic package, you can still connect your domain with no issues.

You get free domains with the packages above the Basic.


Strikingly also proffers its users a domain as per their paid packaging.

They host the sites on their servers.

All plans include a very commendable domain.

The free you will, however, be forced to use what the site offers. With the other two, you create or connect your own.

Customer Support Wix vs. Strikingly

Wix customer support

Wix Vs Strikingly 2022 (Who Is The King Of One Page Website?) (8)
Wix has a vast network with tutorials that take you through the possible hurdles on the site that might be challenging.

And this is the first place to look for answers.

If you fail to get what you need, you proceed to the email or call-back feature.

Strikingly customer support

Strikingly also has a tutorial video platform just like Wix that will aim to answer most of your queries.

If you do not get what you need, you can contact the support team via live chat or email.

You will interact with the happiness officers on live chat.

Verdict on Wix Vs. Strikingly customer support

Both website creators have great methodologies for getting help using video tutorials, but beyond that, Strikingly’s live chat wins this section for them.

If you have a pressing matter on Wix, you might have to wait a bit longer.

Who has better SEO ranking tools?

Wix SEO tools

Wix offers SEO tools incorporated into its app store, and you plump for what you think suits your business best.

For instance, you can get an analysis add-on to gauge your website’s progress.

There is also social media integration, and you create a mobile-friendly site that ensures you are seen across all devices.

Strikingly SEO tools

Wix Vs Strikingly 2022 (Who Is The King Of One Page Website?) (9)
Strikingly also has an app store to help you acquire all the SEO tools you may find relevant to your business.

You can access email marketing apps like Mail chip, maps, and social media integration-not forgetting mobile friendliness.

Both platforms offer the same amount of SEO tools, although since Wix has a vast app store, they might also take this section.

Try Strikingly or Try Wix

Who Should You Pick For a Small Business Website?

For a small business, Wix might do you justice because of its vast selection of options.

Wix will have you do many reconstructing titles and descriptions, which is okay since you have a limited number of products.

On Strikingly, you also get the essentials free of charge fastening the pace of creating a site, but Wix is still better for small businesses.

Who Should You Choose For an eCommerce Website?

E-commerce sites are vast and broad, and this means that if you have too many options, you may feel overwhelmed.

And that is why Strikingly will be the best for you here.

Wix’s editing descriptions will cost you a long time, so much so, you are better of going with Strikingly.

Who Should You Pick For a Blogging Website?

When it comes to blogging, having more options to make your site unique works to your advantage.

And that is why Wix will be a well-fitted solution for a blogger.

Wix vs. Strikingly Conclusion

This Wix Vs. Strikingly comparison piece has covered the essential things that can help you make a sound decision on your project.

They are both commendable platforms, but each has its strengths and shortcomings; as seen above, what you decide to go with boils down to what you need and what it offers.

So pick one that best suits you.

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