Strikingly Website Builder Review: A Good Choice in 2022? (2023)

Strikingly's manifesto boldly states "We believe in individuality". With its beginner-friendly site builder, the company clearly wants to help anyone bring their digital dreams to life which it claims competitors often hinder through their "technical complexity". We took a closer look at the site builder to let you know whether it really makes dreams come true.

Strikingly is a website builder, which allows its users, even those without knowledge of programming, to design, manage, and publish their own website. Originally founded in 2012 by David Chen, Teng Bao, and Dafeng Guo with $100, the company has since moved from Shanghai to Silicon Valley, joining the Y Combinator startup program.

Ten years on Strikingly can lay claim to have helped millions of users create websites and landing pages hassle-free. In this review, we'll let you know what the platform is capable of and who we would recommend Strikingly for.

Since basic websites with a subdomain are, for all intents and purposes, free of charge, registering with the platform is straightforward. You'll only need to input your name, email address, and create a password (or, alternatively, login via Facebook or LinkedIn).

Templates for different website categories

Immediately after registration, you can get to work setting up your website. First, select one of the templates offered by Strikingly from the categories "Store", "Business", "Startup", "Creative", "Personal", and "Blog".

Each template can be previewed, or, if you're feeling lucky, you can begin using it right away by clicking on the "Get Started" button.

After settling on a suitable template, you'll be taken to the editor, where a brief tutorial lays out the platform's basics. Even without this though, it won't take long to get used to the site builder.

In the menu bar off to the left, you'll be able to make basic changes to your website. For example, in the "Sections" area, you can manage all of the different content blocks that feature on your website (such as galleries, text, or testimonials) or add new ones. Beyond that, you'll also see four buttons for design settings, e-commerce features, lists of target groups, and advanced options.

Drag and drop mode for layout changes

The layout button in the upper right is important, as this makes it possible to select different design schemes for each section on your site. In addition, you can change to drag and drop mode, with which you'll be able to drag and drop content at will within a section. For this, you aren't given a completely free hand but only permitted to move elements within specific areas that are demarcated by guidelines. Although this restricts creative freedom, especially when set alongside platforms such as Wix, it does have the advantage of keeping your page's design visually harmonized and tidy.

All other changes are made directly in the work area in the middle of the platform's interface. There, you'll be able to edit text and other content in a live preview of your website. By clicking on the plus symbol, you can add different elements within a section. After switching to drag and drop mode, these can then be moved around to your preferences.

Should you need assistance at any time, you can contact the platform's support team or consult the help center via the chat window in the lower right.

Mobile app for building on the go

Strikingly offers a smartphone app with which you can build and manage your website or online store on the go. You'll be able to not only view statistics and orders but also update your website's content. Unfortunately, the app doesn't feature drag and drop mode, and in general, you're afforded rather limited capabilities, such as text editing.

Strikingly offers all of the capabilities expected from a site builder, however, rarely provides more than the basics.

Unimpressive content choice

Each Strikingly website is divided into different sections, which you can augment via the menu on the left. In total, 10 different types of sections can be added, including "Business & Products" or "Contact & Forms". Among these, you'll find basic website components such as price tables, feature lists, or contact windows. Additional and branch-specific content, like restaurant menus, is not offered.

Solid blog features with a team section

Blogs are added to a Strikingly website as dedicated sections. To access the blog menu, click on the "Manage Blog Entries" button. There, it's possible to create and publish new entries, either immediately, or at a specific time later on.

Blog entries can also be organized into specific categories. Should you want, you're also able to toggle comments on or off and offer subscriptions of your blog via RSS feed.

Under general settings, you'll find a team section, where you can invite team members and grant them specific rights. "Bloggers", for example, can only write blog entries and adjust settings, but not make any changes to the rest of your website. As such, Strikingly is certainly worth considering should you intend to work with an editorial team.

Users of Strikingly can select from 64 different design templates, subdivided into six different categories. The good news is that you won't be stuck with your initial choice, should you change your mind down the road. This is because templates can be swapped out at any time without losing any content you've added.

Emphasis on single-page websites

The downside to Strikingly's template flexibility is that there isn't much to the designs themselves. Instead, the website builder seems to have put all of its figurative eggs in one basket, banking on scrollable single-page websites (that is to say, websites with one page). As such, even though everything is located on a single page, each section is treated as an individual page, including the corresponding menu item.

Multilingual websites are only feasible if you're a Pro subscriber since only then are you allowed to add drop-down menus (which facilitates an extra navigation level on your website).

Nifty design adjustments

In the Style menu, you can make adjustments to your content's color scheme, font, and size, as well as buttons and animations. Basic design changes to your sections, such as content width or direction, can also be undertaken here.

To modify how your sections are arranged, you'll need to head to the layout menu. There, you can select between different ready-made layouts for each section or organize the content in the drag and drop menu yourself.


E-Commerce, Marketing & SEO

As with all other types of content, in Strikingly, you add a store to your website as a unique section. After this, you can manage all settings relating to your products, such as their categories, shipping costs, taxes, and more.

Physical products, services, and downloads

Once you've added a new product, you'll be able to specify whether it's a physical product, service, or (if a Pro subscriber) digital download. Apart from that, all of the usual information can also be input, such as an image, price, inventory, and delivery options.

Product variations, such as sizes or colors, can also be detailed. Should you want to offer products in different combinations of size and color, this is also possible. Rounding things out, you'll have the ability to create product categories with Strikingly, but again, only if you're a Pro subscriber.

When it comes to shipping, it's possible to do so either based on previously specified geographic regions (and a flat rate) or order weight. Should you want, you can also offer in person pick-up, as Strikingly lacks integrations with some delivery services. Stripe, PayPal, Square, and offline payment are all supported.

Basic marketing tools

Strikingly makes a number of tools available for marketing your products and website. You can allow product reviews and display star-based ratings. Through the product menu, there's an option to strike-through prices to emphasize a sales price.

Beyond that, it's also possible to offer coupons or direct attention to specific products via pop-ups, however, only if you're a Pro subscriber.

There's also a basic email marketing tool in case you want to reach out to specific target groups, however, for access to more advanced features, you'll need to use the Mailchimp integration.

SEO & Analytics

You'll find an SEO checklist in the marketing menu which helps to optimize your website for search engines. Using it, you can add page titles, tags, and meta descriptions.

Unfortunately, single-page websites are disadvantaged when it comes to SEO. For example, they lump all topics and keywords together on a single page, instead of individual pages, with the latter being better for search engine ranking. For that reason, it's a good idea to realize particularly SEO-intensive projects across multiple pages, which, as we've noted above, isn't one of Strikingly's strengths.

In the Analytics menu, you'll be able to brush up on statistics concerning your visitors, such as their location, device, and how they found their way to your site. To gain a fuller picture, it's possible to integrate Google Analytics via the Settings menu, while Pro subscribers can add Facebook Pixel.

For all intents and purposes, creating a website with Strikingly is free of charge. If going this route, you'll need to make do with a Strikingly subdomain, 5 GB of data (monthly), and 500 MB of storage. In the free online store, you'll only be able to offer a single product per page, which isn't adequate for a serious business.

Three premium subscriptions are offered: Limited, Pro, and VIP. Each includes a free SSL certificate and a unique domain (for a year). With the Limited subscription, you can create two websites using some (but not all) of the platform's additional features. Storage is limited to 1 GB, and bandwidth is capped at 50 GB per month. Should you want to open an online store with as a Limited subscriber, you'll be restricted to five products per page, which again, likely won't be enough. Another downside is that your website will have Strikingly ads.

Real online stores starting with the Pro subscription

Pro subscribers can offer up to 300 products, however, there's a 2% transaction fee for each sale. You'll have unlimited bandwidth, 3 GB of storage per website, and all sorts of extra features, such as the ability to create custom forms, password protect pages, and offer memberships. As noted above, subscribers to this package can also create multilingual websites.

If looking for the maximum number of features, the VIP package is as good as it gets. It includes everything noted above, as well as 10 GB of storage for each website, and the ability to sell up to 500 products. You won't pay any transaction fees on sales, and can use the live chat widget and send newsletters, all while benefiting from priority support (including a hotline).

Below, we've provided a current overview of Strikingly's pricing:

It's always important to compare a service based on how it's priced in relation to its competitors. In the table below, we took the most affordable annual subscription from each provider in our sample that included a unique domain and was ad free:

Strikingly does not offer a money-back guarantee, however, you can try out the platform's basic features for as long as you like in its free version.

Strikingly is undoubtedly a beginner-friendly site builder that is well-suited for creating simple, single-page websites. These can be made quickly, and, at least to some extent, customized, in its intuitive editor which has drag and drop capabilities. Using the platform to create online shops is also readily accomplished thanks to its well-organized approach to product management. All the same, Strikingly's limitations owing to its focus on single-page websites, are readily apparent.

Compounding this, users are afforded little variety in terms of design, with more sections and content elements definitely something that the developers should look into supplying. The app market features only a handful of integrations, and users are confronted with paywall after paywall. If utilizing the free version, you'll need to make do without some key features. Should you want your site to be found by search engines, multi-page sites are generally better, and this isn't what Strikingly is all about.

Still, Strikingly is a good choice for anyone who wants to build a simple website and doesn't view creative freedom as a high price for this.

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