Found: Your Perfect Goa Beach Hut (2023)

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Found: Your Perfect Goa Beach Hut (1)

Goa beach huts are a popular alternative to hotels in Goa. Most of them can be found in south Goa, particularly Agonda, Palolem, and Patnem beaches. You'll also find a few on the less developed north Goa beaches, such as the Arambol to Morjim stretch.

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Unfortunately, the beach huts are no longer cheap places to stay though. Rates have been jumping substantially every year, and it's a case of paying for location, location, location. Compared to what you'd get at a hotel for the same price, facilities are minimal. Part of the reason is because the huts have to be pulled down every year and reconstructed for the season, which runs from around November to May.

These Goa huts all offer something a little more special than others in their areas.

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort, Cola

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Paradise found is the first thing that comes to mind at exclusive Dwarka Eco Beach Resort. Tranquility and seclusion abound with 10 stylish cottages, set amid a private sprawling palm grove that borders a lagoon right next to the ocean. Nature is a focus and it's as idyllic as it sounds! To get there, you have to drive through villages and down a dirt road. The location is little-known Cola beach (not to be mistaken with Colva beach) in south Goa, with the closest beaches being Agonda and Benaulim. Expect to pay 12,000 per night, for a double. The rate includes breakfast, lunch, evening tea/cookies and dinner.

Palm Grove Beach Resort, Ashwem

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Palm Grove Beach Resort consists of 20 gorgeous bamboo bungalow huts, in two locations (Palm Grove and Little Palm Grove) only a few minutes walk apart. They're stylish and comfortable, and come with a king size bed, porch, and hammock. Some are air-conditioned. Little Palm Grove only has six of the huts (some of which have perfect sea views!), and is much quieter. It's not suitable for young children under 12.There's a restaurant at Palm Grove that serves healthy and tasty food on the premises. The location, at hip Ashwem beach (between Morjim and Mandrem), is one of the most peaceful places in north Goa. Yet, it's close enough to more lively Arambol in case you've had enough relaxing and feel like some entertainment. Expect to pay 10,800 rupees per night upwards for a double, including tax and breakfast.

Yab Yum Resort, Ashwem

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Yab Yum Resort is a true oasis right by Ashwem beach. The accommodations (14 eco-friendly "domes" and five cottages) are spread over the leafy two acre property, affording peace and privacy. Each dome has its own individual outside space for dining or lazing in a hammock. The Honey Pod and Suite Pod are particularly secluded near the ocean. There's a health and wellness focus, with Ayurvedic massages, yoga and fresh organic food. You definitely won't go hungry staying there! The only negative is that the domes don't front the beach or have sea views. Expect to pay around 7,000 rupees per night for a standard dome, including a substantial breakfast and taxes.

Beach Street Resort, Mandrem

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Want to stay in a reasonably-priced yet quality beach hut on a quiet stretch of beach, and also have facilities such as swimming pool, wellness spa, yoga and renowned restaurant? Beach Street Resort is ideal. It has prime position bang on Mandrem beach, which is next to now super popular and busy Arambol. What makes it so outstanding is that it’s an ancestral property, with the main building (that houses the swimming pool and spa) constructed way before coastal regulations were introduced. This means it’s the only permanent structure on the beach in the area. Interestingly, the property had various incarnations including a prawn hatchery before being turned into a landmark beach resort. The huts are really well designed, and the bathrooms quite spectacular. In addition to regular huts, there are six “duplex” huts for families and friends traveling together, which is handy. What's also impressive is that the huts are located in a special “quiet zone”, so that guests are aware to keep noise to a minimum and not disturb others. The property’s Lazy Dog restaurant is known for its great food and cocktails (and if you’re thinking the name sounds familiar, it also has a branch in Old Manali in Himachal Pradesh). Rates start from 3,500 rupees per night for a basic hut for two people.

Jamboree Creek, Ashwem

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True to its name, Jamboree is more like a gathering or community than a hotel. The focus is on eco-friendly living, and the architecturally-designed wooden huts (which are more like cabins) are nestled into a lush garden. The attached bathrooms are particularly stunning, with open-air showers, and earthy colored mud walls. The property is a five minute walk to a deserted beach along a private path, or just lounge around the swimming pool. There are daily yoga classes, sunset drum circles, and permaculture workshops. You'll love the inclusive vibe there! Rates start from 2,500 rupees per night for a non-air conditioned cottage in October. Expect to pay 3,500 rupees per night upwards during the tourist season.

L'Amore Beach Cottages, Ashwem

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Possibly the most popular deluxe bamboo huts on Ashwem beach, L'Amore is ideally positioned and has a wide range of accommodations to choose from, including family cottages. The huts are calmly situated on the sand dunes, away from the crowds, and encircled palm trees. Some are air-conditioned and have sea views. The property also has a cafe, spa, and great staff. Plus, the huts are reasonably priced. Rates start from around 4,000 rupees per night.

Little India Beach Cottages, Baga

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Busy Baga beach may conjure up images of package tourists on sun loungers. However, Little India is a hidden gem that offers a delightfully different experience away from the masses! There are six impeccable boutique cottages set in a private garden with its own walkway to the beach. They've been designed to reflect India's heritage, and are thoughtfully decorated with arts and crafts. Expect to pay about 4,200 rupees per night, including breakfast.

Turtle Hill, Patnem

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Turtle Hill has what are undoubtedly the most glamorous beach huts at Patnem (and perhaps the whole of Goa). Four of them are located right on the beach and six are on top of the hill at the far northern end of the beach. The hill bungalows are spread over two floors, with the bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, and lounge room with sofa and sunbed on the bottom. Their balconies look out across the ocean and their designer interiors look like they belong in a magazine. Not surprising really, because they've been styled by German designer Bernd Slotta. Rates from 6,000 rupees per night for the beach bungalows and 9,500 rupees per night for the hill bungalows.

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Kala Bahia, Colomb

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This little-known gem is tucked away between Palolem and Patnem beaches in South Goa. It has seven huts, some made of stone and the others made of wood, positioned along the edge of the ocean. When the tide is in, none of them are further than 10 meters from the water. Bliss! All the huts have newly-appointed private bathrooms and solar heated hot water. One is a family room that can accommodate four people. Wellness is a focus, with daily weekday morning yoga and meditation classes held. There's a restaurant on the property that serves healthy meals too. Expect to pay around 3,500 rupees per night upwards for a double.

Simrose, Agonda

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Simrose is ideally positioned in the center of Agonda beach, and has two types of beach huts to suit all budgets. There are eight spacious luxury sea view huts and six standard huts to choose from, plus rooms and stone cottages. Rates start from around 4,300 rupees for a garden hut. Expect to pay 6,700 rupees upwards per night for a luxury seafront hut. Rooms are cheaper, from 2,500 rupees per night. Simrose also has a healthy restaurant that serves as much food from organic farms as possible, and its own yoga shala under the palm trees. You'll find plenty of hammocks and loungers to relax in around the property as well.

Agonda Cottages, Agonda

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Agonda Cottages has the same owners as the highly regarded Agonda White Sands and was opened in 2013. It offers 14 luxury thatched Balinese-style cottages located towards the quiet southern end of the beach. Not all cottages are beach facing, but they're huge (compared to other beach huts) and beautifully built with tiled floors and painted walls. Each has a private semi open-air bathroom, solar heated hot water, spring mattress, wardrobe, tables, fan, fresh flowers, and quality furnishings. The property also has a restaurant and bar that serves authentic Indian and European cuisine. Expect to pay about 5,000 rupees per night upwards for a cottage.

The Bay, Agonda

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The Bay is situated near where the river meets the beach at the north of Agonda, making it really quiet (and perfect for romance, or for those who want to get away from it all). The property has a handful of exquisite sea view villa huts right on the beach, as well as remote river-side cottages surrounded by greenery. There's also a restaurant in each location. The elevated Tree Top Tava restaurant overlooks the ocean and is a superb place to enjoy mesmerizing sunsets with a cocktail. The only drawback is that it's necessary to take a boat to reach the beach from the river (or ride a scooter). Expect to pay 5,500 rupees per night upwards.

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The Art Resort, Palolem

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Expect something different at the groovy Art Resort at the southern end of Palolem beach. It has Indian and Austrian management, which means European standards of cleanliness and a welcoming Indian atmosphere. The resort's 15 spacious cottages, painted and decorated in uplifting bright colors, are adorable. Each has its own patio, hot water, European mattresses, and air conditioning. As can be expected from the name, art is a focus at the resort. It operates a non-profit art gallery in its restaurant, where young Indian artists can showcase their works. The restaurant serves fine Indian and European cuisine, and the Chill Out Bar a selection of fresh juices and expertly mixed cocktails. There's often live music. Rates start from around 6,000 rupees per night.

In addition, families will love The Art Resort's new property, Art Prive, situated directly behind it. It has four large cottages witha bedroom, small living room, and a private bathtub on the porch!

Cuba Premium Beach Huts, Palolem

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The very popular Cuba Beach Bungalows (part of the Cuba Goa Group, which also has beach huts at Patnem and Agonda) offers a wide range of colorful huts (some with air conditioning) set in a semi-circle shape, so all huts get at least some view of the beach. The location is on thecentral part of Palolem beach, and staff are friendly and helpful. The crowd is predominantly young and up for a good time, and there's a bar on the premises close to the huts, so do take that into consideration when deciding whether to stay here. The vibe is definitely one of fun. Rates start from around 3,600 rupees per night and increase dramatically during December-January. They are pricier than many standard huts, but Cuba's justification is the range of services provided.

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