Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (2023)

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (1)

Earn extra income, join our diverse community of Quality Providers and help traveling families make lasting memories by renting and delivering baby equipment.

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Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (2)

BabyQuip has partnered with an A-rated insurer that provides Quality Providers with robust liability insurance coverage. Trust and safety are top priorities for both customers and providers. Learn more.

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Partner with the #1 baby gear rental service in the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia & New Zealand to earn extra income and help traveling families by renting and delivering baby equipment. We have an easy-to-use platform, a helpful community and supportive leaders to help you build, launch, and grow your own baby gear rental business.

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Interested in cleaning AND renting baby gear?

Along with renting baby gear, many BabyQuip Quality Providers clean baby gear for local families in their market. You can make extra cash by building a successful baby gear cleaning business in addition to a baby gear rental business! Pretty cool, right?

By checking the box, we’ll give you all the steps you need to do both!

Got it!

Get Started with BabyQuip

We’re so excited that you’re interested in becoming a BabyQuip Quality Provider. Fill out the form below for access to our Quality Provider portal where you will have the opportunity to learn more about BabyQuip and take the steps needed to become a Provider.

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Start Earning in 3 Easy Steps

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Apply Online

Fill out our online application. Once it’s accepted, we’ll schedule an interview and answer any questions you may have about BabyQuip. If we’re a good match, we’ll move onto step 2!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (5)

Get Onboarded

Our training and onboarding process will provide you with the tools you need and teach you everything you need to know about running your baby gear rental business with BabyQuip.

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Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (6)

Start Delivering Gear

Work as much or as little as you’d like! Worried you don’t have enough gear? Don’t be! We recommend starting small and will walk you through the best way to build your inventory.

We're committed to providing a safe experience for Quality Providers and traveling families.

We are thrilled to provide the peace of mind that you will be taken care of when you join the BabyQuip platform. Our liability insurance protects Quality Providers for up to $1 million for general liability claims.

Our secure platform ensures your reservation money (and tips!) get to you in a safe and timely manner. That’s why we require that you always use the site for reservations and not take them off the platform.

Trust and safety have always been at the core of the BabyQuip company values. We take training, community and accountability very seriously and expect that you do as well...plus, it's fun!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (7)

The Perks

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (8)

Earn Extra Money

BabyQuip is one of the highest paying side gig income opportunities—second only to Airbnb hosts! On average, our Quality Providers are earning over $1000 a month. Some Quality Providers are making $10,000 or more a month!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (9)

Partner with the Industry Leader

BabyQuip is the #1 baby equipment rental marketplace with 1,400+ providers in 1000+ markets (and growing)! We have the scale to help you build and elevate your baby gear rental business. We are building a globally recognized and trusted brand and have a world class net promoter of 94!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (10)

Access our Marketing & Tech Expertise

We build your website, advertise your business and help you grow with sales training, marketing tips & tricks, and so much more. We’ve learned a lot servicing over 150,000 reservations and we’ll share all of our knowledge with you.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (11)

Solve a Problem for Families

Traveling with bulky baby gear is really hard. We are proving family vacations can be restful, memorable and fun. 62% of parents say renting baby gear from BabyQuip actually saved their vacation!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (12)

Work with an Insured Company

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BabyQuip has general liability insurance that protects against claims made related to BabyQuip business operations resulting in bodily injury and/or property damage.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (13)

Start a Family-Friendly Side Gig

Whether your kids are 6 months or 26 years old, this is a side gig you can do with them. It doesn’t get much better than families helping other families. QPs love that they can deliver gear with their kids in tow. No babysitters required!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (14)

Join a Community

Join our group of QPs who’ve already fulfilled 150,000 reservations! When you become a Quality Provider, you’ll join a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable community that helps you get started, learn about the platform and build your business.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (15)

Be Your Own Boss

Design your business to suit your family and schedule and grow it as large as you want! You have all the flexibility and control and get to work from home.

What Does a Quality Provider Do?

No two days are alike as a QP. You can grow your business as big as you want when you become a BabyQuip Quality Provider.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (16)

Manage Listings

Manage Listings

Use our custom administrative portal to add items, change prices, update website descriptions and edit delivery options as often as you like. This is how you’ll manage your reservations too. It’s easy to use!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (17)

Customer Service

Customer Service

As a Quality Provider, you’ll provide excellent customer service as you prepare reservation items for delivery, coordinate with traveling families schedules, and deliver, set-up and pick up your baby equipment.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (18)

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Build Awareness

Build Awareness

Get out in your community and network to build your business. Newspaper articles, local TV stories and social media all play important roles in growing and maintaining your baby gear rental business. We’ll show you how!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (19)

Experience Success

Experience Success

On average, our Quality Providers are earning over $1000 a month. Some Quality Providers are making $10,000 or more a month. You’ll grow personally and professionally and be rewarded with repeat business and 5 star reviews!

Meet A Few Of BabyQuip's 1,400+ Quality Providers

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (20)


I love being a QP because I am able to help families with little ones travel with a little less stress. I also help grandparents get ready for their little ones to visit our area. I enjoy serving families and it's great to have just a bit of side income I have earned for my family while being able to stay home with my kids!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (21)


Being a Quality Provider has given me such joy in helping families travel and enjoy the city that I love. As both a mom and a community representative, it’s so rewarding to hear that a family enjoyed their visit because of the services and products I provide.

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (22)


Being a QP has allowed me to help grandparents in my town. I love to see the smiles on their faces when I deliver everything they need for their visiting grandchildren. Not only are we changing the way families travel, but we’re changing the way grandparents can be involved in their grandchildren’s lives!

Earn Extra Money - Sign Up | BabyQuip (23)


Being a QP has given me the courage to start my own business, motivation to network with my community and confidence to take more leaps of faith. I love having the opportunity to build a business that my whole family believes in and that allows me to continue playing an active role in raising my children. I love helping families travel more efficiently too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BabyQuip ?

BabyQuip is the #1 baby equipment rental service and marketplace offering thousands of baby gear items in over 1000+ cities across the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia & New Zealand. We are improving the way families travel by providing safe and sound rental essentials to make everywhere feel like home. Independent Quality Providers rent full-sized cribs, strollers, car seats, toys, books, high chairs, carriers, noise machines, baby baths, bouncy seats, pack ‘n plays, monitors, jumpers and so much more!

With over 150,000 reservations completed, we know how to take care of traveling families. In fact, 62% of parents say renting baby gear from BabyQuip saved their vacation!

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BabyQuip fits into a rapidly emerging group of businesses known as "platforms” or “marketplace businesses”. Companies like Airbnb, Ebay and Uber fit into these categories. They create value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups, usually ‘consumers’ and ‘producers’. At BabyQuip, Quality Providers are ‘producers’ and traveling families, grandparents, or other local customers seeking baby gear are ‘consumers’.

What is a BabyQuip Quality Provider?

Independent Quality Providers (QPs) are independent business owners who rent, deliver and set up clean, safe and insured baby gear (that they own) at hotels, Airbnbs, vacation rentals and private residences. QPs are gig-economy moms, dads, retirees or best friend teams who are building a baby gear rental business on the BabyQuip platform.

Do I need to buy gear to get started?

No. We can get you set up on the BabyQuip platform and open for business before you buy any gear. However, if you already have baby gear that’s clean and safe, then you can start with that!

We do highly recommend (but don't require) that you purchase one item—a full-size portable wooden crib. Cribs are the most requested item and could easily be included in your first order. It fits in many cars, and all vans and SUVs. (We'll tell you how to order a crib later.) If you're close to a baby store, or use Amazon Prime, you can actually purchase gear after you get an order most of the time. That's how Quality Providers build their inventory. You can also purchase used gear (except car seats) that’s in like-new condition.

Is there a fee to start?

Yes. There is a $200.00 fee to start. This fee covers administrative expenses to get you set up on the platform, your website, your email and all of the training materials.

How do I create my BabyQuip website?

We do this for you! We give each new Quality Provider a website pre-loaded with the top 40 rented items including images, prices and descriptions. We’ll teach you how to use the custom BabyQuip QP administrative portal where you can add and remove items and update pricing and descriptions as often as you like. The portal is easy to use and you do not need any technical skills to have a beautiful BabyQuip website.

Where do I deliver?

You decide. Most Quality Providers deliver about 20-30 miles around where they live, and this is completely up to you. This is your business decision and will vary based on the size of city you live in and how much you want to be in the car. You also set the delivery rates. Look at other Quality Provider pages to see where they deliver and how much they charge.

How long does it take to get paid?

You are paid up front, often before you deliver an order. It takes approximately 2 business days for the payment to show in your bank account once a customer completes and pays for their reservation.

How much money do I make?

BabyQuip is one of the highest side gig income opportunities—second only to Airbnb hosts! On average, Quality Providers are earning over $1000 a month. Some Quality Providers are making $10,000 or more a month.

You will keep 78% of your rental and delivery fees and 100% of your tips from each reservation. BabyQuip keeps the other 22%.

Can I sign up if there are other Quality Providers in my area?

Yes! We believe there is great demand for baby gear rentals in every market and to capture that demand, like other platforms (such as AirBnB and Rover) we want to have providers everywhere to best serve customers. Quality Providers do not “own” any town, city or location. We expect collaboration among Quality Providers in an area and see Quality Providers teaming up on large orders and transferring orders to each other when necessary. We want you to meet for coffee, to get to know each other and to support each other.

There are no providers in my area. Does that mean there isn’t demand?

No! This means we haven’t found a Quality Provider in that area yet. We hope you will sign up and launch your baby gear rental business with BabyQuip in your location so we can start serving that market!

How will my performance be evaluated?

BabyQuip is the leading baby gear rental platform and we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and clean, safe gear. We expect exceptional service and professionalism from all QPs and that all QPs follow our core values of personalized customer service, reliability, responsiveness, friendliness and positive communications. We evaluate performance with a rating system and will work with you to keep your rating at its highest. Don’t worry, you’ll do great and we’ll make sure to support you!

Can I have my own website?

You may list and rent your items on any website, however, only orders serviced through the BabyQuip platform will be covered by insurance. Customers who originate from BabyQuip marketing efforts or find you otherwise through BabyQuip must be serviced through the BabyQuip platform. We have many providers who have complementary businesses and promote their BabyQuip business on other websites.

Is this my own business?

As a Quality Provider, you are an independent business person. This means you get to design your own business and are not an employee of BabyQuip. This is your business. Exciting right? With the BabyQuip platform, we connect traveling families to you. You will be dedicated to providing friendly and personalized customer service, clean and safe product delivery, and doing whatever you can to make the families' vacations delightful. You will agree to abide by BabyQuip guidelines and to follow our core values. We will share all of this with you

What do I get from BabyQuip when I become a QP?

You get to be part of the largest baby gear rental platform. We have years of experience launching baby gear rental businesses and can connect you with customers immediately. BabyQuip provides training, paid marketing, a national brand, a community of QPs to learn from, industry knowledge, ongoing support and much more! We love helping our QPs grow their businesses. Together, we can help families pack light and travel happy!

How do I get started?

The first step is to show your interest and submit your contact information at babyquip.com/signup. You will be given some preliminary training materials to help you learn a bit more about BabyQuip and what it’s like to be a Quality Provider. You’ll then set up an information session (a brief 15 minute call) with someone on our corporate team who is also an experienced Quality Provider. We will guide you through all the steps to get started. Most new Quality Providers go live and are ready for reservations and to help customers within a week.


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