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There’s something appealing about old-fashioned display tools. Buckets,Guest Posting baskets, and wooden crates are popular ways to display certain items, and they bring with them the charm and serenity of a simpler time. Another display tool that can do this for you is a wood display cart. These old-fashioned carts evoke images of covered wagons, flower carts filled with violets, or sturdy crates sitting on docks, filled with exotic goods from around the world. pureonecarts It’s worth it to give some thought to how to use wood display carts to sell your merchandise.

Flower Carts

Though you seldom see these charming wood carts being used to sell flowers, there are dozens of other things you can do with them. Set a few tureens on them and serve up coffee, hot chocolate, and baked goods at a cold weather sporting event. In warm weather, change it to iced tea and lemonade. Contract with a local team to sell penants, ball caps, and t-shirts—some of these carts even have wood slats you can hang things from. westcoastcurecarts Make it a sign-up table for volunteers, or stack it with books and wheel it around an assisted living center or hospital. If you run a grocery store or restaurant, set your portable wood cart inside the door so that customers can get an advance taste of what awaits them inside.

Wagon Display Carts

A wooden wagon display cart evokes images of autumn, hayrides, and trips through the pumpkin patch. You can keep your wagon cart stationary and surround it with bales of hay to show off your pumpkins, squash, and other fall produce. jeetercarts You can also take it to all your local fall festivals and push it through the highest traffic areas. Your customers will love that they didn’t have to come to you; you came to them!

Crate Display Cart

This kind of wood display cart looks like something that would have been rolled off a dock 150 years ago. It’s rectangular and deep, and has three different compartments; you can almost see the stevedores prying the wooden lid off with a crowbar to display the shipment inside. For display purposed, it’s adjustable, so it can rest flat like a trunk, vertical like a shelf, or at a slant, to offer different levels for your displays. It rests on a wooden frame that’s on casters, so it can be easily rolled to whatever location you can use it best. This is another one that can benefit from seasonal displays, using hay, pumpkins, Christmas wrappings, or a fulsome display of spring or autumn plants and flowers. You can also consider displaying clothing, bolts of cloth, or handmade quilts, which can easily be folded or draped over the wood cart’s edges.

Wood display carts are so versatile and charming that people are drawn to them without even being aware of it. Now that you have some ideas on how to use wood display carts to sell your merchandise, use them to display your seasonal merchandise, or just those things that need to be portable and easy to move. You’ll never regret investing in a wood display cart for your business.

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