Another reason why we have child labor problems is because of the fact that these children do not get a chance to go to school because they need to work to support their family and also because their parents do not have enough money to send their children to school.

The main purpose of existence of an educational NGO in India and in Mumbai in particular, is to offer free education to the needy children. They also cater to the slum children. They try to provide quality education for slum children through formal education and also through informal education systems. They bring to slum children the best opportunities that they will ever get. By giving them these educational opportunities, they create a bright future from them. They can apply for jobs like any other individual and improve their standard of life.

We cannot be complacent saying that these NGOs are doing a wonderful job. We also have our social responsibility to help these slum children who are in financially disadvantaged situation. Every little help in this area will bear great fruit in the future. One of the ways of helping these children is to give financial support to an educational NGO in Mumbai so that they can serve more slum children. Without enough funds they will be able to help only limited children. If they get help from the general public, they can include hundreds of children in their free educational programs.

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