It is your chance to participate in a worthwhile activity. You will meet likeminded people from all over the world. Rest assured that it will be an experience of a lifetime!. As a responsible person of the society, it is your duty to protect lush green rainforests. They largely impact the quality of your life. Did you know that the Amazon rainforest is responsible for producing a good amount of oxygen? Is it not your duty to conserve it and protect it? The Amazon rainforest is truly a boon. It is responsible for reducing green houses gases. It can also help us deal with global warming.

More and more gap year volunteers are coming forward to support the project. They consider it their duty to preserve their forest cover. Do you know that forest conservation laws are being flouted blatantly? Don’t you feel like doing your bit as a student? Come ahead and join the project. Express your support.

Use your gap year break constructively and creatively. If wildlife is your thing, the Amazon conservation project is ideal for you. It is your chance to contribute to an eco friendly environment.

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