the exchange-off of safety.

In reality, every one of us belongs to many tribes concurrently: there’s your authentic tribe – the own family you had been born into – and then there are all the groups of choice you’ve got joined: your work tribe, your social circles, your religion-primarily based community, your neighborhood, and greater. These communities are not static; they’re in continuous flux due to the fact they include individuals who are in non-stop states of trade. When there is lots of change occurring in either the person or the network, a sense of dissonance results.

How are we to address this? First, it’s miles essential to apprehend that tribal allegiances had been traditionally forged for survival. They have been adapted over the route of centuries to make sure the safety and survival of the group. Survival required that individuation be sacrificed for the exchange-off of safety.

In current society, the tables are flipped. Whether we enjoy it or no longer, exchange is critical for survival at every level of being. The pace of exchange is driven with the aid of technological advances and occurs with increasing rapidity: sociologists estimate that greater alternate has taken vicinity in society over the course of the past a hundred years, than inside the totality of the preceding 6,000 years. Individual adaptation now’s a requirement for survival, and the pace of character trade does not always match the tempo at which our numerous tribal groups evolve. The ensuing dissonance can cause severe friction and ache.

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